Monday, December 3, 2012

Tis the season!

December already! These past few months have gone by so fast, and i have had so much fun. It does feel a little bit weird though, seen as I was suppose to be returning to Canada in January, and now im here for another 5 months...but i am excited, i know i am suppose to be here so i am going to make the most of it!
In preperation for Christmas, the kids and I have spent our evenings making homemade Christmas decorations, and they love it! Kids love crafts, and you know what, i love crafts! Plus it is a good way to kill some time, so if there are any au pairs out there that are having trouble thinking of things to do with the kiddies, CRAFTS! my fav site four finding different ones...pintrest! Has so many different ideas, and all relatively easy as well! Our most recent craft is decorations for the tree. We made them out of dough (the recipie for which is very straight forward...see bottom of page), and then we shaped them, baked them, and painted them festive colours...well some are just random colours..

The streets here have all been decorated with lights and pretty things, but the houses dont really put up lights...probably because there arent houses here, i honestly dont think i have seen one house. Apartments are everywhere. I guess its because i live right in the center of Milan, im sure if we were to venture out of our comfort zone and leave the city we would find some houses, but we never really tend to leave the center, and when we do its like we walk in to a whole new world. Because the center is so well looked after, in terms of keeping the streets clean (that however, doesnt include dog mess..), when ever you leave the center, its like you are going in to the slums...when really its just a normal suburb. I think living the Milan life is turning me in to a bit of a snob...Maybe my mini vaca in England will help cure me of my snobbism.

But on to way more exciting stuff....THINGS TO DO IN MILANO NUMBER 4! wooooo
- Visit the Navigli! This is a place we frequent quite often! Its a canal that is surrounded by many different bars/coffee shops/crepe shops/gelato/resturats....its great! Our current favourite places on the Navigli are La Vineria, which is a very small wine bar. You buy your bottle of wine and sit out side underneath a canapy, on metal barrels, and for the cold nights there are space heaters to keep you warm. It has a very relaxed vibe, and it is a good place to go if you just want to enjoy a nice glass of wine and talk with your friends. After that we usually venture to our our favourite place, The Irish Pub. This place is always fun, they usually have a live band or live music on a Saturday night, and it is the only place that served me Jalepenos, so i like it very much! The night life on the Navigli is great, there is always something to do, and its always full of students and EMT's (english mother tonge). If you are looking for something to do during the day on the Navigli, it is still great, we usually go to Sofa Cafe, which is a cosy little coffee shop..a great place to warm up in on a cold day! However, be warned, that their hours of operation are un realiable. They dont seem to follow what their sign says, so its more of a hit and miss when they will be open. Its safe to say they dont open till after 1, at least. It is also a good place to visit in the evening if you want to relax, have a drink, and listen to some good tunes. time. 
Ladies..and Gents: Its time to join the army....or at least dress like you are part of the army. I see a lot of people sporting the army print jackets, army print pants, and even leggings. I like the look, and if you can pull if off, then go for it. However, dont go around pretending you are in the Army, thats not cool.
All accecptable.

See, if Rhianna is wearing it, its obviously cool....

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