Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nov 15

OKAY,second blog post in two days…looks like I am on a role!

The number two thing, that I think you should do when you come to Milan! (these are in no order, it is just what ever comes in to my mind)
2. Check out the markets!! The markets here are great, and have lotsof hidden treasures, but you got to dig around, a lot! I have currently been to two good markets. The first one is located in the Nagvigli area, it is at the end of the Naviglio Grande canal – it’s hard to miss, so just look for it. The first time I went I had no money so I didn’t buy anything, the second time I went it was pouring rain, sooo I bought a burger and left. BUT it has great clothing bins priced anywhere between 1-5 euros (on average) – yes, some of the stuff is garbage, but there are hidden gems in those baskets. So keep looking. Also, the burgers at this place are fantastic (and they even had hot sauce, so I was very impressed).  If markets aren’t your thing, then you should go just for the burgers. THE SECOND market I was at today, is located on Via Osoppo (metro stop Gambara – red line). We didn’t really stay for long because we were all way to hungry to dig around in baskets and fight through the huge crowds, so we bailed after 15 mins to go get pizza. BUT from what I saw, and have heard about it, it seems legit and worth trying out if you have an hour or two too kill. I found it a little more pricey then the other market, but hey, what can you do.
Milan generally has markets on the last Sunday of every month as well, which are suppose to be great. But , I have yet to check one out! Rest assure though people, that as soon as I check it out, I will report back ASAP.

Aaaah, also, a new part I shall add to my blog. Current fashion trends! Woohoo! I have no hard evidence to prove these are actually trends, it’s more just what I notice people wearing A LOT.
Fashion Trend numero uno:
GIRLS! Sneakers with a wedge. I see girls/women wearing these all the time, and its not the tacky lace ups with a white, plastic wedge heel, those are not cool. It’s..well see photo below:

BOYS! I will have to come back to this…I will start paying more attention to what they are wearing.

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