Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Still out there?

Alright, I am well aware that it has been way to long since my last blog post. I am not as dedicated to this whole blogging thing as I had originally planned to be...but here I am, blogging again!
Well, i hav been here almost the three months as planned, and its been greaaaaaaaaat. The frist little bit was obviously a bit rough, because it's hard making new friends, and getting adjusted to living with a family again/livig with a strange family. But it is totally okay now, I got very lucky with my family! They are so nice to me, they don't treat me like a worker or anything like that, they treat me as if I am part of the family and make me feel comfortable being here. And too be honest, what i do is prettttyyy easy, so there is nothing i can complain about. In ythe mornings I walk to school with the kids and the mum, or i sit and wait for the house keeper to let her in if she is running late. Then I have the entire day to my self, which is usually spent at the gym, running, drinking gallons of "America Coffee" at a cute american style cafe with friends, orr wandering the streets of Milan looking for things to do lol, which suprisingly is scarce. Unless of course you have an unlimited supply of money.

HOWEVER if you are planning a trip to Milan, here is a list of things i reccommend you do!
1. Visit the duomo (obviously), during the day and at night. And be sure to climb to the top, the view is amazing. But we warned of the men that try to sell you bracelets...they say there free, but as soon as you take it they ask for a donation...and are very persistant. 

I am only going to post one a day, so that you dont get overwhelmed with all the overpriced great things Milan has to offer...

I AM STAYING IN MILAN TILL JUNE 1ST!!! I was suppose to leave in December, but the family liked me sooo much they asked me to stay longe, and i said SI!

Anyone is free to visit me at any time :D

miss you all

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