Tuesday, September 4, 2012


A wee little summary about our four days in Paris!
First off the weather was a lot more bearable, it was still warm but it had a breeze, one morning I even wore pants! I know...crazy.
Okay so what did we do...
We got there and headed straight to our apartment that we rented for the duration of our stay, which i might add was about 7 flights of stairs up...small, spiral stairs, with our huge bags...the apartment it self was really cute though, nice and bright and had its own washer/dryer (which was much needed!)..
We set our selves up and then headed out for some lunch, and then walked down to Notre Dame!

I am waiting for Malinda to send me the names of evey where we visited while in Paris - i know, its lame that i cant remember for my self...but i will upload some photos so you can SEE where we went :
This is us in front of the Canal, we did try to take a night canal trip to the Eiffel tower, but it didnt work out for us.

The Louve!

An Arch, not to be confused with the Arch de Triumph. The Arch above is much smaller, but still pretty.

In the Gardens we walked through on the way down to the Eiffel Tower.

The Eiffel Tower was a really fun day out, we went there during the day and climbed up stairs to the middle of the tower.
"hanging out" at the tower...hahah...get it?.... ps thats alot harder then it looks.

Beautiful view, with some beautiful ladies!

After we climbed the tower we went down to the lawn to have a photo shoot and a picnic! it was such a fun afternoon, one of my favorite days in Paris. 
When we were sitting having our picnic, sitting in front of us was a group of four people, and they were almost robbed! A group of kids came up to them and put papers and maps in their face and then on the ground, and when they picked the papers back up they grabbed on of the guys phones, luckily his friend was laying down and saw what happened. Pickpockets and "robbers" are very popular in Italy/France, you get warned about them everywhere you go. It almost happened to me in a train station, but Jodi came to my rescue and we ran away, plus i didnt have my purse on me so i dont know what he was planning on stealing....
Below are some pictures from our Eiffel tower photo shoot!
touching the top of the Tower,  no big deal.

Bringing a little busker to Paris

Our delish picnic!

The tower at night, it was so pretty!

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