Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We are currently sitting in our apartment in Paris planning our day, so I figured I would upload some random photos!
This is the Passport/credit card holder that Candace bought me, which turned out to be super handy and i love it! THANKS! I am standing in front of the mountains on Lake Como.

This is a great water fountain we found in Rome....

Standing on the Bridge in Venice, on our first day of exploring,

This was from our Milan day trip, we climbed up all the way up to the top of the church and were able to hang out on the roof and take some cool photos. We also spent quite a bit of time just sitting in the shade, it was extremely hot on the roof!

Again, this is in Milan on our way up to the roof of the Church.

Over looking Milan City on the roof of the church! We had a lot of time to kill that day because our train to Paris didnt come until 11, and we had to check out of our hotel in the morning. So we spent the majority of the day just wondering around the city, and spending as much time in restaurants/pubs as they would allow us! We spent a couple of hours in each restaurant and pub we went to, which turned out to be good because they would end up giving us free drinks and food!

That's all for now!

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