Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Long over due update!

Alright, its been a while, but i am back in a wireless zone! I am back in Milan and have found a cafe that serves excellent coffee and fast wireless! hurrah!
So i left you guys in Paris...since then I have been to Ireland, and England. Ire land was a lot of fun, i spent the week with my cousins and we went to a weekend long concert/festival called Electric Picnic. It was so much fun! minus the lack of sleep and a deflating air mattress. We saw so many bands, and i do have a list of the ones we saw but not on me so i will post that tomorrow. The concerts started at about 12 in the afternoon and carried on till about 2 am, and then there were raves and different parties that went on till about 6 in the morning, but i didnt get to go to any of them...not that i would of lasted any way, i was exhausted by  the time i got to Ireland. The final band that closed the weekend was The Killers, who were amazing, i didnt expect to like them as much as i did, but they were so brilliant live! All in all it was a great weekend.  The monday we came home, we spent recovering and catching up on some sleep. Tuesday my cousin Hannah and I spent the day in Dublin city, we bought tickets for the hop on hop off bus tour, so basically its a bus that when your on it it tells you about all the city and the history but you can get on and off it when ever you want and not pay again for a ticket. It worked out great! we saw all the major Dublin attractions, and then finished our tour with a tour of the Guinness Brew house. Well it wasnt where they actually made the Guinness, but its where they tell you about how it is brewed. You go up to the different levels and it explains how it started and how they make it etc, and then once you are at the top you get a free pint of Guinness! I have to admit it isnt my favourite drink., but i finished it any way, just so i could say ive had a pint of guinness! Plus at the top of the tower it over looks all of Dublin, and it was beautiful!
I did something stupid, and forgot my camera when we went to Dublin, so i have no photos to post from there until Hannah emails me some from her phone. But here are a few from the concert:
This is Lorcan, Hannah and I at the beginning of the concert.

I wore knee high socks and wellies/riding boots the whole weekend, and secretly loved it. Everyone was wearing wellies! 

The Killers, we were right at the front!

Hannah and I!
Next i went to England and stayed with my Best friend from Secondary school, Amy. It was a nice relaxing week, I had a couple trips to Bluewater, went out to dinner, went to Thorpe Park, and saw some old friends! one of which i hadn't seen in about 4 years. So it was a really nice break before i got back to Italy and started to work.

I am now in Milan and started work yesterday, and so far its great! There isn't alot to do during the day, well thats a lie, i guess there is, but its very expensive over here so i am limited to what i can do! lol When i arrived on the Friday, they picked me up from the Train station and we headed in to the country side where their family owns a 16th century mansion, it has been in the family for about 600 years! it was beautiful and hige. The split the mansion in to smaller apartments (but still very big) for the entire family, brothers sisters cousins etc. There isnt any thing to do up there except relax, so i read a few books, and got to know the family. 

That is pretty much all to report right now! Milan is great, and my job is fab!


  1. Heyyyy love!

    So glad you are having a great time :) Miss you so much, so jealous of your life haha

    Terryl says you look very fashionable!!

    Take some pics of this house you are in, and you room and everything, I wanna seeeee!



  2. Hi Rachael!!!
    I really like the look with your rubber riding boots in fastival. Your style is like my blog's style!!! I own a blog about rubber boots fashion in Paris and all around the world. May I use one pic for my blog to make a post about your look? I would add your link of course. Visit my blog first to see if you like it! I hope you will read this late comment!

    Thanks anyway for an answer in last post of my blog (Could not find your mail!)! Kisses!

    BDC69/Arno from Paris

    1. Hi Arno,

      Sure you can use the photo, your blog looks awesome, would love to be part of it!


    2. Hi Rachael!
      I am pleased to write you that your pic and a few words about your look are just now online!
      It's in a post called "International links #5". Your look is with two other bloggers' looks to illustrate the list.
      Link to you is added. If there were something to change, just mail me.
      I hope you like. Sincerly thanks you for your kind collaboration.