Friday, October 5, 2012

Milan Life I have been here for three weeks now! It doesn't feel like that long, and my holiday before i came here feels like it happened last year...
It has taken some time to adjust to the Italian way of life, it is all so different from Canada. Milan its self is a very grey city, there is no grass any where unless you go to their parks, animals roam the streets with no leases and do their "business" where ever they please - and no one cleans it up. The people here don't smile as much as we do in Canada, everyone i have met from Canada or America will tell you that. The other day,i saw a man trip up a curb and then superman dive on to the concrete, and NO ONE stopped to help him..I did obviously, gotta represent the Canadians! BUT as much as there is all that, it is still pretty amazing. No matter how many times I walk past the Duomo, it still fascinates me, and even though I can't afford all the amazing milanese clothes i certainly am enjoying window shopping! Every one here is so well dressed, all the men wear suits and all the ladies are looking top notch with their Louis Vuitton/Prada/YSL/you name it hand bags...although the other day i did see a lady wearing a lovely pants suit with a LV lap top bag, just full our dressed to the nines...except she was wearing crocs. I thought Italy of all places would have banned the "croc"...i was wrong.
The language barrier is a lot harder then i thought it would be, so to fix it, i signed up for an Italian class...which consists of a Italian lady talking Italian and you trying to guess what she is saying. Very little English is spoken in that class (except from the students). But i am enjoying the class, and i am meeting lots of people, and they have a coffee machine that only charges 25 cents for a cappuccino. Heaven.
My job is very easy as well, i work for a half hour in the morning - walking the kids to school with their mum. Then at 5 i start work again - i play games with the children (like monopoly, trading cards, watching them put on "theater shows" which is a lot of fun actually), drawing, writing, or reading. Then we have dinner and they go to bed and i'm free the rest of the evening as of 830. So i only work 4 hours a day (basically 3) plus i have weekends off. Its amazing. I fill my free time with going to the gym, going to school, walking the city and meeting up with people. Also visit the local coffee shop a lot, where they now know pretty much who i am and what i order. Its great!

Now for some random pictures!
Italy's version on trucks...

The Duomo that i get to see everyday!

Street signs in Europe..

Shop for my brother Chris! Found in Paris

What Jodi and I thought of the "great" Italian spritzers. Not good.

Mama loulou, found in Paris.

Jodi and I in Lake Como!

Any way folks, that's all for right now. 
Ciao :)

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  1. Live your updates honey!!!
    Sounds a little like London, dog poo everywhere, but it does have little random bits of grass, trees etc plus the grey!
    Those pictures made me laugh... Big hearty laugh. Chris will love it of course! Glad your settling a bit, takes time.
    Keep posting my JetSetter Girl!
    Love you very much MWAH