Tuesday, August 21, 2012


continuing from my last post...
After a very long/hot/uncomfortable train ride form Rome to Pisa, we got to see the Duomo and the leaning tower of Pisa! We only stopped in Pisa for maybe an hour, because other then those two things there isnt a whole lot to see. Which is fine, minus the fact that we had all our luggage with us. It is such a surreal feeling being able to say that i have seen the stuff most people only see in pictures, I highly recommend traveling to any one that wants to see the world! We got pretty lucky with our hostels so far, we met some great people in Rome, and our hostel in Florence is more like a hotel then a hostel which is great, we even get our own room! Our hostel in Rome was a 12 bed room, but it was fine because everyone was awesome and really easy going. 
The Duomo

The leaning tower! 

Me doing my best to hold up the tower..it was really heavy...thats why i look so awful..it had nothing to do with 2 hours sleep no food and a 4 hour train ride...

After Pisa we got on the train for another hour, and came to Forence, where we proceeded to go straight to bed. The next morning, aka today, we took the train to Cinque Terra which is hiking trail that takes you to 5 different costal towns. So we hiked 1km to the first town, which was more of a walk then a hike, and took the ferry for the next 5 k because one of the trails were closed and we wanted to be able to see the coast line. Which was such a good choice, because the coast is so amazing. It was exactly how i picture Italy, all the colourful houses in the hills. After the ferry we went swimming in the ocean, which felt so good seen as it is still so hot out, and then ;proceeded on our walk! The pamphlet said it was 3km, but it tookm us a good two hours of walking so were thinking it was longer then 3km. And for the firsr part it was all steps up hill, and they are normal steps either, they are like brick/boulders and some are small and some you almost had to climb up. We had to take alot of breaks, it was such hard work. It was so worth it though, it was so so pretty, and we got to swim and cool off in the ocean again which felt great on my aching calves lol
Now after another almost 3 hours of train rides (one of which we almost missed, and had to run like mad women to catch) we are back at our hostel in florence and relaxing! Today was a really great day!!!!
The start our our treck!

Classic group photo

One of the small towns!

An amazing view of one of the cities, while on our hiking trail.

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  1. We love your posts darling... Everything looks so wonderful! We love that your enjoying your awesome trip so much!
    Glad too that the hostels are ship shape, wondered how they had been!
    This blog is awesome, we can see you and see where you are...
    Love you very much Mummz xxxx