Saturday, August 18, 2012

We have arrived!!!

Well me amici, we have finally arrived in Roma - and it is bloody hot\! Like stepping in to a sauna..or like a heat wave punching you in the face. So anyway, we arrive at the Airport and are trying to figure out the trains and whats going to be cheaper, and it was way cheaper and so much faster to pay for a cab. SO we are walkihg towards this cab, and this random Italian starts talking to Jodi and saying how he can take us to our hostel for so little money and how the train is too expensive - it felt like a scene from Taken, except not one of us knows Liam Neeson...but we did go with him, he was a legit cab driver and not a pimp, and we got to our hostel in one piece!
We dropped all our stuff off, got organized and changed, and headed for the Colosseum which is a 5 minute walk form our hostel. I wish I could upload pictures to show you guys how awesome it is, but i seem to have forgotten my camera ill have to buy a new one! But its so cool to see, and to be able to say "yeah, i've been there". We walked around for a good few Km today looking at everything around the Colosseum, and the arch, and the Rome emporium? i think thats where we were...after a while our feet/ankles/fingers started swelling due to heat and lack of water so we called it a day...the other girls (Jodi, Brigid, and Malinda) are having a cap nap right now to prepare for the spaghetti/disco our hostel is having tonight, I however am too mad about forgetting my cord that I cant sleep! 

well thats all for now, ill try finding another way to upload photos.... any suggestions?


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  1. It's Awesome honey... Glad you didn't run in to Liam Neeson... Should he turn up, please run like mad. LoL
    Your photos are awesome, keep them coming.
    Be safe, of course and have fun!!!
    Mumz xxx