Monday, August 20, 2012


wooooow cant even describe how hot it is here...everyone you look at has a sweaty sheen. But any way, Sunday we were planning on taking a trip to the Vatican / Sistine Chapel but it was closed (a church closed on a sunday?!) so instead we wandered around town. We went to the Trevie Fountain, Spanish Steps, Patheon, and a government type/museum looking building. Everything is so beautiful here, even walking the streets, the buildings are just amazing. And we did alotttt of
The Pantheon, has a hole in the ceiling. And is so beautiful.

Throwing our coins in to the trevie fountain!

Trevie fountain

Spanish Steps

some type of was so beautifl..all white marbel


Colosseum in the background!

In the Pantheon

Trevie Fountain again

Spanish stepssss

Some random Italians that wanted a picture with us lol

The ceiling in the museum...all the ceilngs have so much detail, its crazy.

Colosseum in le back

SO that was basically our monday...we were going to check out the catacobs (? i think thats the word) but it was closing and we had our shoulders and knees exposed which is a big no no in any church in Italy, so we got sent away!

MONDAYYYYYYYYY...after about 3 hours sleep we got up super early and headed to the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel...thankfully we decided to take a cab and not walk was further then we thought. Plus were lazy. At the Vatican, we had to walk up about 300 steps, and not just regular stairs, but teenie tiny spiral stairs...but it was worth it, the view up there was amazingg, and once again everything was so beautiful. We got to see the famous Michael Angelo painting..(the two guys pointing at each other...bad explanation, ill find a picture later) but we werent allowed to take pictures in the Chapel.


View from the vatican!

So exhausted fromwalking up the stairs..



Cant remember where we were lol

End of our Vatican tour!
Look at my disgusting swollen feet...honestly couldnt fit in my shoes. This is the result of lots of walking and...heat?? im not sure, but we are all rocking cankles thats for sure. Even your hands swell up. Painfullll!

We left rome after our trip, and had a 4 hour train ride to Pisa! but ill write about that later! |
Night :)

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  1. Babe I love your photos and just want to say you girls look amazing even though it's so steamy over there... I want to visit now after seeing those pictures... Really glad Liam Neeson wasn't part of those photo jackers LoL your poor feet, soooo glad Jodi is there!!! You look so lovely! I miss you babe but so happy that your having such an awesome time... Be blessed, be safe...Have Fun!!! Mummz xxxxxx