Monday, August 27, 2012

The end of Italy

Hello everyone!
We have left Italy! We took an over night train ride to Paris, which turned out to be quite the experience. We had originally thought that we booked a four person cabin for us to sleep in, and were so pumped about not having to share with anyone, when in walks some random dude. It wouldn't of been so bad, but he had the smelliest feet in the world! and seen as there was not much we could do about it, we sucked it up and slept the whole train ride, 12 hours later arriving in Paris!

So this is a recap of our Italy adventure, so that you can see what we did, and so that i have a way of looking back and remembering too!

DAY 1: Rome
- Arrive at the Ivanhoe Hostel
- Visited the Colosseum/Palatine/Arco De Tito

- Spaghetti night at the Hostel!

DAY 2: Rome
- Pantheon
- Spanish Steps
- Fountain De Trevie

- Museum to unknown soldier

DAY 3: Rome/Pisa/Florence
- Vatican City
- Sistine Chapel
- S. Pietro Basilica
- Leaning Tower of Pisa / Duomo

DAY 4: Florence
- Walked the Cinque Terra

DAY 5: Florence/Venice
- The David statue
- Duomo
- Train to Venice
- San Marco
- Rialto

- Gondola ride

DAY 6: Venice
- Lido Beach day!
- Ferry on the Grand Canal
- Fancy Dinner night

DAY 7: Venice/Lake Como
- Approx 6 hours of travel to Como!

DAY 8: Lake Como/Milan
- Ferry on Lake Como to Menaggio/Bellagio/Como
- Train to Milan

DAY 9: Milan
- Duomo
- Walked to the "Last Supper", but viewing was booked up

- Began train ride to Paris!

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